Letters to the Editor

A poem for Mom on Mother’s Day

My Mom went to heaven on this April day.

My heart is very heavy, but I will be okay.

I miss her so very much, she meant so much to me.

The good deeds that I pass along, she passed along, you see.

My mom taught me so many, many things.

All the wonders of what love and kindness brings.

My mom gave me this incredible life.

This life that I now share, with my loving wife.

My mom is with me every day.

She is never ever far away.

For in my heart she'll always dwell.

Until I join her in heaven, when God rings my final bell.

A mother's love you can't replace.

You miss her touch and warm embrace.

Mom, the beauty of your essence still shines so very bright.

It's the beacon that I follow, it's my guiding light!

Love you Mom, from your loving son.

Jim Foley, Myrtle Beach