Letters to the Editor

Trump better than dumb politicos

lt is amazing how dumb our politicians can be. Lindsey Graham said that if Donald Trump got elected it would cause another 9/11. What he and our other politicians fail to see is that we have 9/11s going on all around us. The muslim military office who went on a killing spree, San Bernardino, Boston, New York, Paris, Brussels and more. The world is being invaded by these people without even firing a shot.

If we are to think that the only radicals are at Gitmo and in the Taliban or with ISIS, then we all have our heads in the sand if we think this is not a problem. Donald Trump sees this destruction taking place and has to use tough love to fix it. That is why the American public is voting for him, by the millions, to come and do his thing.

Hillary Clinton has no clue how to deal with this, than to be as dumb as the rest and act like the great savior and welcome these people with open arms.

Why do you think they are protesting in California? That free ride and meal ticket is about to come to an end. People will again have to work for their living as we all did. If they are protesting to make this country a nation of illegal aliens, then we surely need a Trump to put a stop to it.

Rick Gutierrez, Garden City Beach