Letters to the Editor

People need to start taking responsibility

I think it is time we the people, as a whole, quit playing the “Blame Game.” You know: “It’s not my fault (blank) made me do it.” Insert your excuse in the blank space. Society, my social position, the TV, the devil. I doubt if you will find the actual cause listed. My dumbself, laziness, lack of foresight are a few that come to mind.

We need to suck it up and take responsibility for our actions. Run a stop sign and cause a wreck: it wasn’t my fault, it is a dumb place for a stop sign or there was a tree branch blocking part of it.

Of course passing the blame is as old as man. Garden of Eden: God: “why did you eat of the fruit, Adam?” Adam: “Eve made me do it.” Eve: “The serpent made me do it.”

War: they started it. Crime: I had to do it to survive. I wanted it and couldn’t buy it so I’ll take it. l am entitled to it.

I am tired of hearing about bad childhoods, being poor and of course the old standby, l am misunderstood. Lincoln was poor. Children worked the fields as young as 4.

Quit blaming anyone except the true culprit, you! God gave you the ability to know right from wrong. Make the wrong choice and no one is to blame other than you. Every decision has a result. Own up to your decisions and take responsibility for your actions. Quit playing the “Blame Game”.

Ellie Kloes, Longs