Letters to the Editor

Can’t we have two $20 bills?

There seems to be great excitement going on because, at last, and rightly so, a woman is going to be portrayed in our currency.

Yet, there is a lot of dispute as who should she replace; Andrew Jackson? George Washington? Harriet Tubman is indeed someone who, in my opinion, deserves to be honored and have her face on a money bill. But why replace someone already on a bill or create a new $25 bill like some have suggested?

Is it forbidden to have one $20 bill with Jackson and another $20 bill with Tubman? If it is not, then have two $20 bills honoring two different persons. One would not exclude the other. In other countries, one often finds bills of the same value honoring two or three different persons or events.

Why would that be a big deal to do the same here ?

Renato Nunes, Murrells Inlet