Letters to the Editor

Used book stores are big recyclers

We read the great Earth Day article in Friday's Kicks section about recycling and are sorry Steve Palisin missed the opportunity to showcase the used bookstores along the Grand Strand. Collectively we are, no doubt, the largest local recyclers of used books.

There are 4 “brick and mortar” used bookstores here – Bookends Used Bookstore in North Myrtle Beach, Beach Video and Used Bookstore in Cherry Grove, Title Wave in North Myrtle Beach, and My Sister’s Books in Murrells Inlet. All of us take in used books for store credit and allow readers to use partial credit to buy used books.

In this way we send used books back out to the universe to be read again. Our books require no batteries or electricity. When readers are finished with them they can return them and recycling begins anew. Books that are overstock, we give to charity, literacy programs, and retirement communities. Unreadable books are recycled at local recycling facilities.

The used bookstores of the Grand Strand practice “reduce, reuse and recycle” every day!

Vicki Baty and Norma Smyka, North Myrtle Beach