Letters to the Editor

Writer supports Rankin in Senate District 33

The primary elections are the precursor for what amounts to the beginning process of the early elections, and is where the real action begins.

And with this in mind, I wish to call attention to the voters of State Senate District 33, currently held by Sen. Luke Rankin. I have known the senator for many years and have been a big supporter of his; he methodically does his job representing us with the aplomb of a master. Luke doesn't let anything grow beneath his feet when he is dealing with any issue(s) within his district or the state.

To me there is no finer legislator than Senator Rankin; having been involved in local politics for over 20 years, I know a good legislator when I see one.

There was an occasion when a young lady named Nina came to me exasperated, as she had an issue with the state. There was the usual notorious run-around by an officious bureaucrat. I asked the senator to please try to help Nina with her problem. Senator Rankin did not hesitate to resolve the problem, which he did thoroughly and quickly for a thankful constituent.

This is the type of legislator we have in Senator Rankin, and to me Rankin is the type of senator we need to go back to Columbia representing the people of Senate District 33. On primary day, June 14, remember to vote for a person who will always be at your side representing you and that's Luke Rankin..

John E. Bonsignor, Myrtle Beach