Letters to the Editor

Senate District 34 candidate disputes endorsement for rival

By Dick Withington

Re Steve Hoffman's letter on Monday supporting Reese Boyd III for Senate District 34:

I read this hoping to learn something good about Attorney Reese Boyd. Instead I find the usual vapid political cliches about how he could even come close to replacing my friend, Dr. Ray Cleary.

His first point is that we need to send a signal to Columbia to change the status quo of “tax and spend” and seek meaningful change in state politics. OK, I agree with that for the most part, but how in the world is the ultimate political party insider, who is supported by the establishment, going to change anything? Just askin'.

You can rearrange the deck chairs in Columbia and on the SCDOT all you want, but it takes money to repair roads, and for God's sake repaint all the faded striping. Are we really that broke? I have proposed the immediate passage of a 10 to 20 cent increase per gallon at the pump on each gallon of gasoline sold. The money would be dedicated 100 percent to road repair and only to bridges in immediate need of attention. Pay a little now, or wreck your car or worse.

I have a degree in economics too from the same department where Paul Ryan studied, Miami of Ohio. I also studied business cycle theory. No amount of change in our S.C. tax code will have any meaningful impact on our local economy or unemployment. Sorry.

I am also a strong supporter of this simple phrase, which Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the boys put right behind Freedom of Speech; it says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Did you notice that our founders capitalized Arms? To me, this means any weapons including an AR-16, plus all the ammo I want. They didn't emphasize this so they could protect their homes or shoot Indians, but so they could form militias and overthrow the government if it became intolerable. That's what they all wrote in their papers.

I hope that Boyd and Rep. Stephen Goldfinch and Joe Ford all believe this, too. I love it that Reese is a good Christian. Goldfinch and I sat together at the men's Bible Study at Rioz. I'm a member of St. Michael's. It's good that we all know there are more important things in life than us.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach and is a candidate for Senate District 34 in the Republican primary.