Letters to the Editor

Obama has not done a good job for the American people

Re Angela E. Lee essay March 23 saying that President Obama has done a good job:

Ms. Lee has the Democratic talking points down pat. After seven years of suffering of the American people she still wants to blame Bush and state that President Obama is doing a wonderful job for the American people.

When Bush left office, Iraq was stable and ISIS did not exist. There was no genocide going on in Syria and Libya was stable. Due to Obama's belief that America did not need to continue as the most powerful nation and should not be in Iraq, he pulled out the remaining 12,000 troops. The government in Iraq became unstable and in came ISIS, into Syria first due to the bad foreign policy decisions which permitted the killing of over 200,000 Syrians by the Syrian Government.

ISIS destroyed valuable ancient artifacts and brutalized and killed thousands of Christians and other Muslims who would not bow to their perverted view of Islam. When the President’s foreign policy concerning Libya allowed the overthrow of the government and allowed the terrorists a foothold, Benghazi happened and we had four dead Americans.

This was a political decision by Obama, who was running for re-election and was bragging that Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda was on the run. Anyone who saw the movie “13 Hours” knows that our embassy should have been closed and no Americans there.

Ms. Lee blames Bush for the financial collapse when the Democratic-controlled Congress forced the banks to make loans to people who could not afford them. Then we had the Wall Street greed that took these worthless mortgage-backed securities and marketed them as prime instruments.

Ms. Lee also bragged about how wonderful the auto bailouts were. Bankruptcy would have happened even if the government did not get involved and all the workers would have then been treated fairly. Obama forced GM, as a condition of getting the funds, to make the UAW retirees at Delphi whole even though GM no longer owned it.

The salaried retirees at Delphi were not given anything since the President was only interested in helping the union that was a big contributor to his election campaign. GM also eliminated health care for its salaried retirees, but not for the UAW retirees, again for political reasons.

Ms. Lee also praised the Affordable Care Act as providing insurance for those not previously covered. This may be true, but it ruined the good health care previously held by many Americans. It took hundreds of billions out of Medicare, which caused a significant increase in premiums with higher deductibles and less coverage. My wife and I have seen a 167 percent premium increase over the past two years. This also means lower Social Security benefits.

She also feels that the President"s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions have been great for the country. She says this in the face of the loss of thousands of high-paying jobs in the coal, natural gas and oil industry. It makes sense to her to eliminate $40-an-hour jobs with benefits for three $8 with no benefits. Even though CO2 only represents .037 percent of the earth’s atmosphere and its relationship to the misused term of global warming is unproven, she feels wrecking the hydrocarbon industry is a good thing.

The final irony in her message was that only Democrats were concerned with the poor. She stated rich people were not concerned. She must be unaware that a lot of Hollywood, Wall street and Silicon Valley mega-rich are Democrats. One thing the Democratic policies have insured for the poor is that they will stay poor.

Democrats do not want to provide programs that will train the poor to rise out of poverty as they fear a loss of of dependent voters. Despite spending trillions on poverty programs since the Great Society, we still have the same percentage of people in poverty.

Remember what President Reagan said. Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.