Letters to the Editor

With Chinese investment, when will locals be helped?

Re Thursday letter “Chinese Amusement Investment Raises Questions.” by Larry Green:

I, too, agree with his views. When will the purchasing of U.S. real estate by China stop?

The Chicago Stock Exchange is supposedly being acquired by China, the United States owes $1.3 trillion and has a $365.7 billion trade deficit, too.

So after a visit to China by County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus and Mayor John Rhodes, we hear a $100 million Chinese Cultural Center and Theme Park are coming to Myrtle Beach. Looks like the citizens of Horry County and visitors will have to get used to the Chinese flag in Myrtle Beach. Why not develop and promote local U.S. businesses to build and sustain the economy of the Grand Strand area and buy American?

By the way, let's not forget that Horry County evicted a small U.S. veteran-owned business, Skydive Myrtle Beach, last October. Here you had a thriving business with a fantastic reputation in TripAdvisor and Myrtle Beach.com that contributed to the local economies of North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach and generated tax revenue dollars for Horry County. Their priorities are wrong.

Lee Norberg, North Myrtle Beach