Letters to the Editor

Gov. Nikky Haley, Ted Cruz two peas in a pod

It was no surprise that Governor Haley supports Ted Cruz. They are both made of the same fiber: ultra conservatists, who are rigid in their thinking with no room for negotiating or give and take. In fact, our state government in South Carolina is even worse than the federal government – complete gridlock.

The elected officials don’t listen to their constituents, nor do they care about them. Our state is in terrible condition with dire needs to repair infrastructure, education, and improve the standard of living for millions. Yet, nothing comes out of Columbia.

Ted Cruz’s philosophy is: “the less government the better.” He proposes to increase the size of our military at the same time reducing the deficit. He proposes to eliminate Obamacare but offers no alternative. He never admits that Cubans received special treatment by the U.S. government – asylum due to political persecution. There are millions of other nationalities being politically persecuted, but they get no special treatment by our government.

Cruz and Haley espouse ultra conservatism. They believe that the government should be as small as possible and tax the citizens only enough to provide for the common defense of our country and that the United States should not be involved in world events any more than necessary for our own safety and well being. Many of these goals are at odds with each other.

For example: We see what happened in Flint, Mich. when government oversight fails. Without the federal government, we would have no interstate highways, no GPS, no air traffic control system and many of the hundreds of medicines that help our sick.

Cruz also says we need to provide world leadership but do not get involved in world affairs. Both Cruz and Haley are not the kind of leadership the common people need. We need negotiators with a give-and-take attitude, not robots with attitudes on “my way” or “no way.”

Norbert Flatow, Myrtle Beach