Letters to the Editor

Ride III has left south end out of equation

It seems that Horry County has forgotten there is a large area between Surfside Beach and Georgetown County that is still a part of the county. This huge Ride III program being proposed does nothing to address the rapid growth and terrible traffic conditions down here. And our roads are in unbelievably poor shape.

The only things mentioned for our area are at the bottom of the list: improve the intersection at Tournament Boulevard and U.S. 17 Bypass and improve the Garden City Connector at U.S. 17 Business. If I understand the article correctly, these things will be done after all the earlier mentioned items.

I hope that is misconception on my part, because these intersections are so bad that we will be forced to try to improve them ourselves before then - if such a thing is a possibility.

I know the Carolina Forest area is terribly congested, but don't forget we have the same problems here, and no one seems to care. And we have no hope of an evacuation route.

Pollye Griffith, Murrells Inlet