Letters to the Editor

I think you’ve missed the point

Re Bob Soule’s “Terry Munson’s Assertions…” March 10:

This piqued my curiosity to read Mr. Munson’s letter of March 4. Soule’s letter reminded me of Chicken Little, who mistook a falling acorn for the falling sky. It seems that the theme of Munson’s letter was that Americans have more to fear than suspected “terrorists” locked up on the coast of Cuba. What is more frightening is that one can be detained for years without a trial or hearing. Whatever happened to due process or the Geneva Convention?

As to the question of abortion or the woman’s right to choose? In the 1970s, I belonged to a group of clergy in Nashville called “Clergy Consultation for Problem Pregnancies.” We would assist those girls and women who for medical or personal reasons, needed to terminate an early pregnancy by arranging someone to meet them in New York and take them to a clinic.

The alternative was an illegal and dangerous “back alley” abortion. Those who had the means could take a plane to where abortions were legal. The poor would suffer.

It seems to me Mr. Soule’s comments are typical of the right-wing rhetoric that would water down our Constitution which has served us well. We should applaud and be grateful for the sages among us who have the vision to see and point out the real dangers of this Republic.

Hartmut Fege, Pawleys Island