Letters to the Editor

Public should fund veterans’ care

I have written to this paper in the past about issues that I thought important, but never so much as this.

Many veterans such as myself have had this conversation often and we all agree that this is a topic everyone should be upset with.

We have all seen or heard the commercials or ads concerning the Wounded Warrior Project. Although a very worthwhile endeavor, it is an organization that should never be needed. Most vets commend the efforts of all person involved in Wounded Warriors but if our government can't or won't take care of every and all needs that any person wounded in the service of our country endured, than what are we doing?

No vet wounded in action should ever have to worry about the cost of his recovery. When we think about the billions spent on worthless projects and/or sent out of the country to subsidize others and our fighting men and women go without, it makes me sick.

To all our politicians - stop! take care of the soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and all others who protect our way of life by putting theirs on the line.

Mark Burgee, Longs