Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pippins have been good community backers

It has been my pleasure to know Ken and Jason Pippin for many years. They have enjoyed great success in our community over the many years owning Carolina Southern Railroad.

I have known, personally, how they have given back to the community by not charging to give rides on their train to many youth groups and organizations. They have allowed many meetings and celebrations to be conducted at their depot over the years.

Knowing that there have been challenges associated with the railroad, it has been shown that it is still something that we can hopefully get back up and running and share once again with this community.

The Pippins have shown and represented the true spirit of giving back to others and their community through adversity. They have conducted themselves in a professional manner and ensured that any events they hosted were conducted in a comfortable, fun filled way that was enjoyable to everyone who attended of all ages. It is a loss for this area.

Thank you to Ken and Jason Pippin for your generosity. You will be missed.

The writer lives in Conway.