Letters to the Editor

Support candidates who stand up to GOP establishment

I am so tired of the so called “Republican establishment.” My party has lost all sense of what it means to be a conservative. A majority of Republicans on County Council raised our property taxes. A majority of Republicans in the State House tried to raise our gas tax.

The GOP establishment promotes candidates like Jeb Bush and Russell Fry. They criticize candidates like Donald Trump and Tyler Servant. Jeb Bush and his party hacks tell us Common Core is good for education. Russell Fry and his party faithful crowd line up to take down the Confederate flag because the national press said so.

Trump tells the whole GOP establishment “you’re wrong” and speaks truth about immigration. Servant tells the entire county council “you’re wrong” and stood alone opposing a $200,000 administrator pay and tax increase. These guys wear the scorn of the party establishment like badges of honor and that’s why they have my vote.

Streater Meacham, Murrells Inlet