Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bailey needs to practice what he preaches when it comes to making fun of Trump

Re: Issac Bailey’s Aug. 2 column, “What Myrtle Beach needs: More Trump, Bikefest, debate”

I have questioned you before and it hasn’t been printed obviously because you didn’t like what was said. But this time, please, you above all preach you shouldn’t demean people, this is how you teach your children?

Then you turn around and start about Mr. Trump’s hair? We hate to burst your bubble Mr. Bailey but we have many “intellectual, beautiful, black friends” that will be voting for Mr. Trump. Unlike your small world, they find him quite refreshing, in a world that has been filled with stale old politicians of yesterday that are bringing all Americans and America to destruction.

“ISIL” is very real Mr. Bailey. It may be because you or your family has never been involved in a terrorist attack, thank God, but ask the many families that have lost their children, limbs and family members. “ISIL” is here and real.

People here want to work, feel secure and don’t want to work three and four jobs just to survive. You are the one that needs to wake up. You’re a man that is stuck in the past, you aren’t even worth arguing with. You’re constantly preaching to choir but refuse to follow what he preaches.

The writers live in Surfside Beach.