Letters to the Editor

Letter | You cry for Cecil the lion in Africa, ignore aborted black babies in the U.S.

Cry for a lion but not aborted babies?

Are you emphasizing so much the story of the death of Cecil the lion in order to distract your reader’s attention and prevent them from noticing that you have barely written a line about an actual, dire, disgusting moral outrage perpetrated day after day, for years, by the evil Dr. Mengele and his callous profit-searching doctors at Planned Parenthood?

I see nothing on your pages about the morality of the harvesting and the selling of aborted baby parts, but I see a full page on the death of an animal.

You seem totally oblivious to Planned Parenthood’s Holocaust of black Americans through the abortion of millions of their babies.

Do black lives really matter to you? I guess not.

Yet you cry and grieve about the death of a lion.

What an upside down morality I perceive in you. Or is it amorality?

Renato Nunes, Area