Letters to the Editor

Letter | Support gay marriage? Jesus was compassionate - but also said ‘sin no more’

The controversy over the recent Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage has sparked the hottest debate, as well as some major divisions within the Christian community, than seen for some time. A plethora of editorials flood the papers and other news media to the point of exhaustion. People are not only divided but confused with “what should be society's standards?”

Recent news articles have cited Jesus's compassion for all as a compelling reason to accept all with open arms, irrespective of moral choices. While it is true that Jesus came to show love and compassion, we must never forget that His primary mission was to redeem a fallen people who have, since the Garden of Eden, forsaken their God and His ways for man's own thoughts and ideas.

We are reminded that even Satan quoted scripture, as found in the Bible account of Jesus's temptation on the mount, Matthew 4:1-11. Satan not only attacked God directly; he often used good ideas and good thoughts to draw people away from God and His truths. The Bible warns us that Satan can come as an “angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:14,15.)

Above all the seemingly correct rhetoric that uses Jesus's words to defend non-biblical life principles and actions, there is a core truth available for those who truly seek to know it. God has already given us a moral compass. But to avail ourselves of His core truth, we must first take His Word (the Bible) as truth and embrace that all scripture is given to us by God Himself, as He inspired and told men what to write (2 Timothy 3:16) and therefore applicable for faith, life and practice.

Once we settle that for ourselves, standard logic tells us we then have a base on which to measure the contemporary thoughts and life practices. Then, even if the Supreme Court says something is right and it doesn't match the truth as it is revealed, we can know the error.

Keeping in mind that even Satan does and can come to us as an Angel of light (wonderful thoughts and recommended compassionate supported action), we must always weigh such supposed truth against God's truth. Yes, Jesus was very compassionate to all, even the most down and out, the harlots, the thieves, the murderers and the rest of those who had taken a life course contrary to His Father's plan for mankind. But while extending extreme compassion, He also held the line and always forgave but said “go and sin no more,” as a reminder that there was and is a way of living that is right in God's eyes.

To follow this line of thinking and living, however, means we cannot make up our own moral standards but must seek those standards that are above man's reasoning. Fortunately, we do have a moral compass when we go back to basics, and use His Word as our only source of life and practice. For this reason we cannot take snippets of Bible passages to support our personal views but must take all of what He has said and has written as our source.

We not only need to know the stories of the Bible; we need to know and apply the story of the entire Bible. The book, “The Storyteller's Bible 60 Stories,” provides not only an overview of The Story of God, but those core stories in chronological sequence that lay the foundations for moral life and practice, and basic theology or spiritual logic that matches His written Words to us.

Even Jesus told the religious bigots and legalists of His day, “if you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Jarvis is a credentialed worker and former pastor with The Christian and Missionary Alliance and has conducted basic Bible teaching and learning principles in over 42 countries. He and his wife of 52 years now make their home in Myrtle Beach and have established a Bible Story Cafe in their community that meets weekly to study and discuss the 60 chronological stories and their application to present day living.