Letters to the Editor

Letter | Black people asked only for the Confederate flag to be removed from State House grounds

It was about the flag - that’s all

Re July 30 letter, “Flawed American - and Confederate - heroes are still honorable,” by John Wilson.

The writer provided us with numerous examples of slavery symbols that may be in jeopardy since the Charleston church killings and the removal of the Confederate flag from State House grounds. Though he applauded the flag's removal, I believe he and others missed the boat when comparing symbols of slavery.

In his article, the writer used numerous examples of roads, buildings, schools, and even cities that may have to have, as a minimum, a name change if there was any link to slavery.

He suggested we tear down the Jefferson Memorial since that president was a slave owner.

Naturally, the writer knew what he wrote was absurd. He was attempting to make a point regarding symbols - but that is where he went astray. Comparing the Confederate flag as a symbol to slave owner Jefferson or General Stonewall Jackson is like comparing E.T. to Godzilla.

In the last picture taken before the shootings, Dylan Roof was not holding a picture of Robert E. Lee in his left hand. The KKK and all the other hate groups carry only one symbol of hatred, and it is not of a road or a school.

The last sight seen by those countless blacks dangling from thick ropes was stars and bars, not streets and statues.

Ironically, the “brief” call to do more than just remove that one offensive slavery symbol has never come from any black leader or the NAACP. The black community and its leadership have only asked that the flag be removed from State House grounds.

It should be clear that blacks are only concerned about that one symbol of slavery on taxpayer land.

And, yes Mr. Wilson, they enjoy visiting Mt. Vernon and Monticello regularly.

Bob Morris, Carolina Shores, N.C.