Letters to the Editor

Letter | Myrtle Beach area leaders place profits over safety on local beaches

Profits before safety on beach

My family vacationed in North Myrtle Beach last month. At the beach, we noticed the lifeguard had set up a line of umbrellas and chairs for rent. The line set so far back, the only place I could set my umbrella and chairs was in front of their line.

I was told to move behind his line due to “safety” concerns. I told him it was impossible for me to safely watch my children under an umbrella unless I rented from him.

The hotel informed me that the the city council controls the beach, lifeguards, security and profitable rental empire.

The lifeguards and city are more concerned about their tips and Rental Empire than public safety. It was bad enough banning tents on the beach. Little did we know that you passed that ordinance to boost your rental business. Capitalism is alive an well in Myrtle Beach.

David Parks, Charlotte, N.C.