Letters to the Editor

Letter: South still supports state’s rights

Folks in the South are not still fighting the “War for Southern Independence.” However, we are still for state's rights. The federal government was not given power to dictate to the states (in the North, South, West, or East) how to govern their state.

The states would come together to fight against a common enemy, and to help each other in other ways. Congressmen and women were not to look at their service as a full time job, but come together when necessary. Instead, they do want to govern the country, and to force states to adhere to what they want. What works in New York may not work in South Carolina; so, leave us alone.

Folks now want to remove southern monuments, change city and town names, change street names, seeking to remove all remembrance of the old South and those who fought to protect her. Very few of the folks who fought for the South owned slaves, but they took up arms to protect their state and way of life. Lee could have destroyed parts of the North as Sherman did to the South — but he didn't. Most slaves were brought here under the U.S. flag, not the Confederate flag.

The North also had slaves, and profited from slavery. Lincoln did not free the slaves in the border states, and since the South was another country, he had no authority over the South. The South was doing only what the Colonies did against the British; seeking relief from tax, and British rule over them. The South had the same right.

The only one who can stop all of this is Jesus Christ. In the first century, Christians would not fight for the government with weapons, but would pray for them. When the government (and Saul of Tarsus) were killing Christians, putting them into the arenas, they never fought back. If you were going to protect your family, that was a time to do it.

If all Christians, and those who claim to be, in America, would come together and stand for Jesus, much of what is going on would cease. Reverends like Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and those like them, black or white, should be laughed out of the country. They no more follow Jesus than Muslims do.

One letter stated that, “Some members of the families of the victims — my fellow South Carolinians — did a remarkable thing at the first court hearing on Friday: They forgave him. How is that possible?” Apparently, the writer is not a Christian. Sinners go to Jesus, repenting of their sins, and asking for repentance. No one can do anything to us that is worse than what we did to Jesus, and we expect Him to forgive us.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.