Letters to the Editor

Letter: It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood

Hitler and the Third Reich committed the evil atrocities of killing millions of Jews, thinking they were cleansing the world of an inferior race of people. Although most of us consider those actions heinous and diabolical, the threat to Jews, especially in Israel, is perpetuated by the likes of ISIS and affiliates in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Although slavery has been abolished and the barbaric lynchings and killings associated with it have been eradicated, racial discrimination against blacks perpetuates at an inexcusable level.

Now we have the scandal of millions of babies being murdered by abortionists who are selling fetal parts for profit, rationalizing their actions as a means of advancing medical research, thereby perpetuating, once again, a savage atrocity.

Has history not taught us a thing about eliminating the evils of inhumanity to man or shall we continue to perpetuate it? Planned Parenthood must be defunded, for starters. Their “Plan” is nothing other than to cleanse the world of unborn children.