Letters to the Editor

Letter | Myrtle Beach-Conway roads used to be so clean, now they are filthy. What happened?


Why are our roads so filthy?

My wife and I moved to the Myrtle Beach-Conway area about nine years ago. At that time, we noticed the roads were nice and clean.

What happened?

The areas are now strewn with litter. To name a few: S.C. 905 north in Conway, Country Club Road into Cultra Road towards Church Street-U.S. 501, and U.S. 501 East-South to Myrtle Beach from Conway.

The worst is the onramp to U.S. 501 East-South, where U.S. 501 Business and S.C. 544 meet.

This area is filthy.

There are also dead animals on these roads. These poor animals are left there for weeks at a time.

This situation does not paint a pretty picture for visitors or people thinking about moving to the area.

I would like to know who is responsible for the clean-up of Horry County roads?

Maybe The Sun News could enlighten me on this problem, as I am sure that the officials would not do anything about it.

Raymond Dossat, Conway