Letters to the Editor

Letter | Tom Rice’s gas tax hike idea isn’t fooling anyone


Rice’s gas tax hike a joke

Rep. Tom Rice embarrassed many of us recently by announcing his highway bill, which is funded by an increased gasoline tax and is an attempted sleight of hand usually used by the liberals and should be an embarrassment to any CPA trained individual.

If you think a gas tax hike will be offset by a tax credit for the people that will be the most affected, you have not been paying attention.

It is an attempt to reproduce on the Federal level what the SC legislature finally denied on the state level during the most recent session. The problem on both levels is the dysfunction of the Highway Department and not the lack of funding. At the state level it is a lack of efficiency and accountability. At the Federal level it is the inclusion of non-highway programs. Think of mass transportation, high speed rail in California, bicycle trails, parks, etc.

Now this would be bad enough, but there is more. The intention of Rep Rice and Sen Graham in the senate is to use this vehicle to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank which has already expired. This relic of the Roosevelt era is the largest remaining example of crony capitalism. It is the object of more scandals and indictments of its executives than both of the Clinton's together. Its biggest beneficiary in this country is Boeing and globally the biggest beneficiary is Communist China.

Herbert Hostetler, Little River