Letters to the Editor

Letter | No, rape and murder won’t soon be legal because same-sex marriage is


No, rape and murder won’t become acceptable

Re May 31 letter, “It’s time to turn back to God - and oppose same-sex marriage in America,” by Bob Bethel.

I read right wing diatribes written by John Donnelly and Bob Bethel so often, it seems they must be on The Sun News payroll.

Bethel's latest non-Socratic logic: If we accept same sex marriage it could lead to accepting felonies such as rape and pedophilia.

Yes, sure Bob. And after that, incest and even murder will be accepted.

Same sex marriage, love, etc. is between two consenting adults. Equating this to forcible acts of sexual violence is ignorant and mean spirited.

Ken Joiner

Myrtle Beach