Letters to the Editor

Letter | Police shooting article ‘inappropriate’

I am a subscriber to The Sun News. I found your July 12 front page article, “Man gives his account of police s hooting that left him paralyzed”, inappropriate and in poor taste.

We are a tourist town and you could have had a picture of a million things besides the bullet-riddled body of a paralyzed black man. The article by Claire Byun and Charles Perry uses your paper as a socialist leftist propaganda machine not worthy of reading.

While I am sorry for the mans plight, many veterans deserve the same front page recognition as does a criminal or drug seller. Let's be frank and not politically correct, do you think the police went there just to shoot the man? He obviously has a record.and was a suspect of a crime.

You can do better than this. We all care about our community, but it seems to me every time a black person is shot by the police it is a national tragedy.

You are using your liberal views on your readers in an incorrect manner and I just wanted you to know we are not stupid.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.