Letters to the Editor

Letter | ‘Bizarre’ to use massacre in Charleston to argue against legal abortion


Don’t use Charleston massacre to talk abortion

Re: July 10 letter by Robert Lyncheski, “Change our society to stop the killing, starting with the unborn.

How bizarre that Robert Lyncheski spins the murder of 9 churchgoers by a racist zealot into a letter to ban legal abortions. Obviously, Lyncheski has never been pregnant, wanted or unwanted.

He has never been a victim of incest, spousal abuse, rape, or any other sexual perversion.

Women - not the government - are entitled to decide the fate of an unwanted pregnancy. No one can decide the fate of an unwanted pregnancy except the woman who has to deliver that child.

There will always be abortions. Let's please keep from the “back alleys.”

And I might add that no woman should use abortion as a means of birth control.

Barbara Lefke

North Myrtle Beach