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Letter | Caitlyn Jenner’s transition is an affront to God, is not normal


Caitlyn Jenner transition an affront to God

Am I the only person who is totally nauseated by the whole Bruce Jenner fiasco? That's right, Bruce Jenner.

He will always be a male no matter how much he does to disguise the identity God gave him. God does not make mistakes.

Jenner’s so free now that he has unlocked his inner female, but his decision to alter his body to accommodate his own desires is clearly an act of disrespect to his creator.

Thank you, Bruce, for letting all of us in on your personal transition. Let us all glorify your decision for being so brave. And as for those who disagree, Heaven forbid, prepare to be labeled an intolerant and prejudiced bigot.

When did normal become so intimidating?

If our society continues to be defined by such an event as this, Heaven help us.

Let's even put Bruce on a magazine cover, label him with some ridiculous name, dress him in an old movie star costume ... how about Vain-i-ty Fair?

What happened to the gold medals and the Wheaties Box?

Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet