Letters to the Editor

Letter | Vote Russell Fry for House District 106 in upcoming special election


Russell Fry right choice for S.C. House

If you live in House District 106, I would urge you to consider voting for and supporting Russell Fry in the special election, which is to be held on Tuesday, July 28. He is an intelligent, devoted, principled, public servant.

As a former International Baccalaureate history student of mine, I was impressed then with the quality of his mind and character. Intensive classroom debates revealed his ability to reason, to be respectful of others who disagreed, and to share his personal convictions on controversial issues. He was his own man then, and he is his own man today.

The primary reason that I am supporting Russell Fry is that he still does not hesitate to disagree with me on some current issues, a mark of a real man, not simply a politician.

Please vote for and give your support to Russell Fry for House District 106.

Bobby Chandler

Surfside Beach