Letters to the Editor

Letter | Why must I pay for a worthless service from Grand Strand Water & Sewer?


Paying for something, receiving nothing

I am a customer of Grand Strand Water and Sewer Authority in Murrells Inlet and I would like them to give me a logical, coherent explanation - in plain English - about why I have to pay for water to be treated when clearly I am using it to water my plants.

My previous water utility had a fair and equitable plan and it worked out evenly for all homeowners in the summer time. They are accepting money for which we receive nothing in return. They don't have to treat water that goes into the ground.

I installed a separate meter for our irrigation system so the water I'm referring to is from my hand-held hose. I would love to see a response from Grand Strand Water. More importantly, I'd love to see a plan implemented where I don't have to pay for something I'm not getting.

Tom Adams

Murrells Inlet