Letters to the Editor

Letter | Democrats are liars? Look at all the damage Republicans have done.


Enormous damage caused by GOP

Re: June 9 letter, “Democrats are more consistent liars than Republicans,” by David Barselou.

Was this gentleman not paying attention when President Clinton left the White House with a budget surplus?

The author says our current president “lied” about the Affordable Care Act. Nine million more Americans now have healthcare who otherwise couldn't afford it.

Hillary Clinton's emails? Bush did that in spades, but who cares? Who lied us into a worthless war where more than 2,000 American soldiers lost their lives?

Which President caused the emergence of ISIS? Which Party eliminated campaign finance oversight by passing Citizens United? Which Party tried to discriminate against the LGBT community through religious freedom?

Barselou infers he's more informed than the average reader, but he's a lightweight when it comes to truth in politics.

By the way, a socialist is not a communist, sir. Social democracies are working; oligarchies are not. I'd love to debate this person.

Jim Davis

North Myrtle Beach