Letters to the Editor

Letter | Flag supporters are offended by Confederate flag removal. Why must we be ignored?


Why must offense be priority?

Re: June 25 letter, “Remove Confederate flag from State House grounds,” by S.C. Sen. Chip Campsen.

I recently read Sen. Campsen's opinion regarding the appropriateness of removing the Confederate flag from the Confederate Soldier’s monument on the State House grounds and would respectfully request some clarification about his next to last paragraph.

It read: “If the Confederate flag on our State House grounds upsets a significant number of citizens, let's remove it in the name of peace and mutual upbuilding.”

What about the significant number of upset citizens who feel that this knee-jerk reaction to an unrelated tragedy is a slap in the face to their ancestors and to themselves?

Just what criteria was used to determine that the citizens who are offended by it's presence take precedence over those who are offended by it's absence?

And, finally, why weren’t the people of South Carolina asked their opinion, without input from transient radical groups, before such a decision was made?

I would really appreciate a respectful and legitimate answer to these questions.

Thomas Burnett