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Letter | Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corp. is a waste of taxpayer money

Jim Moore
Jim Moore


EDC is waste of taxpayer money

Editor’s note: Jim Moore, who served as CEO for the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corp. for six months, recently resigned.

I see that the Economic Development Corp., which receives $1.3 million of Horry tax dollars (and more from elsewhere) is again failing to meet its goals of attracting businesses to move here.

Meanwhile with no help from the EDC, business and housing is booming. They crow over 30 new jobs; a new fast food place produces 50.

What tax breaks did Wicked Tuna get? None, I bet.

Our tax dollars should go to fixing our roads and the traffic.

Tourism, new retirees, that’s our economic engine. We don't need factories like PTR, which won't pay us its rent, and will soon fail, in my opinion. Colt Industries just filed for bankruptcy. We have more guns than we will ever need or use.

We need to scale EDC way back. It's functions can be done by commercial Realtors, the chambers of commerce and various government officials and staffers.

EDC might also go find out why AVX Corp. moved its headquarters here - before we ran them out of town.

Dick Withington

Myrtle Beach