Letters to the Editor

Letter | The Confederate flag honors those who stood for worthy cause, leave it alone


Confederate flag honors, not denigrates

I see a lot of letters demanding that the Confederate battle flag be removed from the State House, and even from stores and toys.

The writers’ ignore the real truth, and in so doing, put American values, rights, and freedoms at risk.

Yes, a mentally ill shooter on drugs displayed that flag in the commission of a heinous crime. But hundreds of thousands of proud Southern flag owners didn't.

There were 1.032 million Southern men fighting under that flag for the Confederacy.

Not very many of them were rich, slave-owning plantation owners.

Those soldiers sincerely believed, with good cause, that they were defending their homeland from a predatory foreign government.

That flag is now raised to honor the more than half a million men who gave their lives in the cause of independence and constitutional self-government and to demonstrate, once again, their opposition to oppression.

Unfortunately, another predatory ideology is trying to denigrate their sacrifice. We urge the government of South Carolina to continue to honor the brave men who fought long and hard for their home state and not kowtow to the deceitful anti-American forces who wish to sully their bravery and honor, and rob us of our rights, our freedoms, and our pride.

Paul M. Clements