Letters to the Editor

Letter | Walmart workers in Surfside Beach saved me from purse snatcher


Walmart workers saved me

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude to all who came to my aid when I went to do some shopping at the Ocean Lakes Walmart Neighborhood Market and had the most horrifying experience.

Shortly after entering the store, a young man snatched my pocketbook out of my cart.

After hearing my screams, a Walmart employee, Mark Jones, immediately chased the young man out of the store and into the woods. Some female employees stood watch in the field and subsequently Jones made him drop it and brought it back to me.

Everyone was wonderful and comforting, especially Mark Jones, who I cannot thank enough, and also the Horry County police officer who responded.

My sincere gratitude to all.

Lois A. Dunn

Goshen, Connecticut