Letters to the Editor

Letter | If the Confederate flag continues flying, I will no longer visit Myrtle Beach every year to play golf


Flags stays, I won’t return

I’m a senior white man born and raised in the south and now a resident of Georgia. I have in me the blood of men who fought on the Southern side and I was taught early on about the ‘Bonnie Blue Flag,’ the great Southern anthem.

But I am also proud that Southern states in which I've lived have shown the courage to relegate the Confederate flag to museums.

My family has traveled all over South Carolina; yearly we lavish expenditures on a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. Until now, we have regarded the state’s display of the Confederate Flag as a regrettable quirk of its peculiarly obstinacy.

But we can no longer tolerate this flaunted symbol of slavery.

So as a voice who represents only a few kith and kin, I declare that henceforth we won’t spend a solitary dollar in South Carolina as long as it flies the stars and bars.

I hope residents of South Carolina might consider that there are a lot of folks beyond its borders capable of being stubborn, too.

Simeon Smith