Letters to the Editor

Letter | Horry County Council using ‘employee wage increase’ to raise taxes to hide how it wasted our money


It’s not necessary to raise taxes

To Horry County Council:

Read with great interest your intention to increase our taxes in Horry County so you do not have to dip into the $80 million dollar reserve to balance the 2016 budget.

Well, as a taxpayer here in Horry county I, for one, am extremely disappointed that you could allocate more than $2 million dollars to deal with the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day Bikefest at our expense, considering the majority of folks living here did not want it anyway.

Now you intend to increase our property taxes by the maximum amount allowed and also increase our taxes on vehicle property taxes (slick move by the way) since that avoids the legally allowed millage increase. The main reason this area is a haven for retired people, such as myself, is the low taxes, which is also the reason this area has the second-highest growth in the country.

I’m pretty sure you all will ruin that distinction in short order.

County employees deserve a wage increase - but you are using them as a smokescreen.

Carl Desmond

Murrells Inlet