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Letter | Don’t forget about the Jewish reform congregation in Georgetown


Don’t forget about other reform congregation

Re: Peggy Mishoe’s June 21 article, “Jewish Congregation Finds Permanent Home.”

It is a wonderful article that informs readers of the success of Temple Shalom finally having a building of their own. I congratulate the congregation and its founders, Lily Ann and Ze'ev Revitch.

Mishoe quotes Lily Ann saying: “We're the only reform congregation along the Grand Strand.”

I would like to remind Ms. Revitch that the Grand Strand stretches from Little River to Georgetown. Temple Beth Elohim, which Lily Ann has visited and was a member for one year, is a reform congregation in Georgetown and has been serving the community for 111 years.

Lily Ann, may you and your congregation enjoy the same success.

Richard Dimentstein


The writer is president of Temple Beth Elohim.