Letters to the Editor

Letter | The South of 2015 is far different than the South of 1963


Editorial about past actsdoes not define present

The editorial that was re-published from Sept. 16, 1963 saying “Terrible 1963 history, tragically repeated” condemning Southern (white) people as violent people who hate black people and will commit extreme acts of violence to maintain the status quo holding black people down does not apply to the black/white racial relations or laws of modern-day South Carolina.

If it had been a mentally deranged black man who had shot and killed nine white people, would the cartoon of Jesus be saying “I identify as white?” Of course not. Back in ’63 there was a large number of negro-hating whites who were committing the hate crimes against black churches.

I know because I lived through those horrible times. Those hateful Southerners of 52 years ago are not like the Southerners (South Carolinians) of today and I know that’s the truth.

Robert J. Somerville

Myrtle Beach