Letters to the Editor

Letter | Horry County Council members ignore citizens trying to help. Why?

Horry County Council needs to be more responsive to citizens. I have written a number of letters to members of the council, including the chairman, on topics I think are very important to our fiscal well being, as well as other issues where I thought the council was overbearing at the expense of taxpayers’ best interests.

Has any council member ever bothered to give me the courtesy of a response?


Now maybe I could be some random nag, though I think not. As the person acting in charge of acquisition and contracting at the Department of Defense Inspector General until shortly before I retired, I conducted many audits that saved hundreds of millions of dollars for the department before I retired.

Yet, I have sent letters to Horry County Council about reviewing county expenses, imposing a year-round tent ban (totally unnecessary for 9 months), running a gun range (let private industry do if needed) and forcing businesses to close down.

Do they ever respond to anyone, including the paper?

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.