Letters to the Editor

Letter | The Confederate flag is a ‘disrespectful tribute’ to tragedy

It is a small thing in the whole scope of our problems. A bit of fabric and a splash of color, and like all flags, is too often disrespected by including it in some garish fashionable statement.

To some, it is a near constant in your face reminder of, “We may be down and out, but we ain't through with you, yet, boy!”

To others, it is a reminder of a glorious history of slavery, lynching and segregation.

Yet, I can't help but wonder how this ire would be directed had Dylann Roof had been waving Old Glory and chiming the Constitution, particularly that pesky Second Amendment. It is just not that far-fetched, from what I see in this gloriously free country.

But never again should that minder of oppression fly proudly while all others are humbled at half-staff.

It is an egregiously disrespectful tribute to that tragedy or any other.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.