Letters to the Editor

Letter | Don’t blame the Confederate flag for hate or murder


The flag! The flag! The flag!

It seems that everything that happens that’s bad is because of the Confederate Battle flag. By itself, the flag cannot do anything.

It can hang limp or wave in the breeze. It cannot hate or kill anymore than the name on a gun can. The men and women who fought for the Confederate States, did so because they thought they were right. Most fought out of loyality to their native states. They did not own slaves or plantations. They fought for the right of states to govern themselves. It seems like the states are still doing the same thing.

Now, lets look at the flag. Color — red, white and blue. Same as the U.S. flag. Thirteen stars — 13 colonies or as some say, 13 Confederate states. The blue cross — this was to show that the southern states no longer wanted to be a part of the union with the northern states. In simple terms, “Cross Us Out.” This is the message of this flag. You get out of any flag what you put into it.

Lets take this a little futher.What if the people of Mexican heritage called for the removal of the Texas State Flag, because of what happened there? Want to go a little futher? What about the American flag? The slaves were brought here under this flag. Brought in ships from up north. Do you think that if they could have used slaves there, would they? Under this flag, American Natives were killed by the thousands. Why? Greed!

Look at history, and tell me how many treaties were broken by Native Americans? How many were broken by the United States? Yet no one is shouting for the removal of the U.S. flag. Yet, they are still trying to be recognized and accepted.

The people who fought and died on both sides prayed to the same God for protection and victory. Did God choose a side? I think not. Then why do we choose sides? Hate takes many different forms. I thought that a veteran, no matter what war they fought in, was a veteran.

Here in Georgetown, we have a councilman refuse to fund a veterans memorial because it had the names of Confederate veterans on it. Is this in itself not a form of hate?

The flag will probably come down. You cannot change history. Only learn from it. Each person must decide what defines them.

This is who you are. No one but you decides what you are or what you become. We all make our own decisions and we have to live by or with those decisions. When this is all over and you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

The writer lives in Georgetown.