Letters to the Editor

Letter | Christians must push back against those trying to take God out of the U.S.

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© 2001 PhotoSpin www.photospin.com


Don’t let atheists take God out of the U.S.

It does not matter who you vote for as president or to represent you in Congress.

God gave us all free choice, but most of us have chosen poorly.

God gave this country to us, and it is the people who are destroying it.

We allowed them to take prayer out of schools. Since then, look at what is happening in the schools. We keep pushing God out of our country. It is time to push back and invite God back into our country.

We have tried everything else; nothing is working.

The more you push God out, the worse things get. If we do not turn to prayer and God, we can sit back and watch American fall apart.

God is all we can turn to, to save us. It’s your choice; invite God back or be responsible for the fall of America.

He loves us and is waiting. Do not allow the atheists to push us; be strong and push back.

Gene Bunker

Myrtle Beach