Letters to the Editor

Letter | Don’t raise South Carolina’s gas tax; find other sources of funding


State must find other budget fillers

This letter is for Gov. Nikki Haley and members of the General Assembly:

You talk about raising the tax on gas and reducing state income tax. By raising the gas tax, you are hurting hundreds of thousands of workers who depend on their cars to get to work and are making minimum wages.

Secondly, the residents who are making minimum or near minimum wages will see no decrease in their income tax rate because they are making less money.

I just returned from New Jersey and found that there are states on the way who charge less than we do for gas. It wasn’t always that way.

What happened?

One way to raise money is to raise the tax on purchases of cars from $300 to $500. Another way is to charge for registration and license plates for all trailers. They are using our roads and some of those trailers are very long. If people are using trailers, they must be making money for landscaping and other things. Why should they get a free ride?

Another way is to insist that moped drivers have licenses and the moped must be registered and have a license plate.

I thought that mopeds were not supposed to be on roads with speed limits over 40 miles an hour, but I see them on U.S. 17 and S.C. 31.

Let’s start ticketing them.

Another way to raise funds is to start having tags for golf carts.

We could also take away all public cars state and local employees take home. That would save a lot of money.

Wade Cook

Murrells Inlet