Letters to the Editor

Letter | A new compromise to get South Carolina out of the Confederate flag mess


Here’s a way out of Confederate flag mess

My heart and prayers go out to those who lost family and friends as a result of the hateful murders in Charleston. There is no room in a civilized society for such people.

It did not take the agitators long to politicize the tragedy and use it to call for the removal of the Confederate Flag from the Statehouse grounds. They began their attacks even before the victims were buried.

The flag did not cause the tragedy. A deranged young man did.

Many have forgotten that both sides agreed to place the flag in its current location, removing it from the Capitol dome, after a hard fought compromise that also included the construction of a wonderful monument to black history, also on the Statehouse lawn.

Why would you renege on the compromise and remove one without removing the other?

Allow me to offer another compromise that may appease both sides. Let's create a truly historically-accurate monument to honor our ancestors who fought for our freedom from a tyrannical over-reaching government.

Let's fly replicas of every flag flown by a South Carolina regiment during the “War Between the States” with a plaque under each one to describe the corresponding regiment and the time frame in which it was used.

Doing so would create a place of historical significance and a tourist attraction. It would also pay tribute more specifically to our unique history and to those who sacrificed to preserve it.

Cary Rowell

Myrtle Beach