Letters to the Editor

Letter | Accusations against GOP inaccurate and insulting

Re: Michal H. Hall’s letter, Modern-Day GOP has walked away from what made America great.

You claim there has not been a good Republican since Abe Lincoln days. You also say for the past 20 years you have just voted straight Democrat and no longer study the issues or the candidate. That certainly is terribly uninformed voting and unfortunately there are far too many in this country.

Proof of that is the Democratic president we now have who has run up more debt in seven years than all the other presidents put together. Poverty under his watch has increased to more than 50 million and about 45 million on food stamps and many out of work. He is also giving the country away to immigrants he is flying in from other countries at the taxpayer’s expense while ignoring our current immigration laws.

You also should consider that until just a few months ago Washington was run by Democrats for many years even with a Republican president.

You accuse Republicans for everything bad in this country for many years. Things like standing against evolution, now I haven’t a clue what you mean by that. Then it’s global warming, environment, women, homosexuals, emigrants to name a few. Republicans are war mongers and ignore the tragedies of war plus being uncompromising where religion is concerned. All inane statements by someone very uninformed about what goes on in this country and what a true Republican is and stands for. To condemn all is ludicrous.

Then you go on to say that Republicans have done everything they could to block whatever the present president of the United States has tried to do. Well, Mr. Hall, I say, “Amen and thank God for that.” Perhaps we will not become a third-world socialist country and we can get back to being governed by the people and the constitution.

Me, I’m an Independent voter with conservative leanings who has voted a split ticket in every election since the year 1950 and I am so proud to be an American and I dearly love this country.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.