Letters to the Editor

Letter | Plenty of improvement needed for veteran medical care

The Veterans Administration Myrtle Beach Primary Care Clinic.
The Veterans Administration Myrtle Beach Primary Care Clinic. jblackmon@thesunnews.com

Re: May 19 letter from Dick Withington, “VA care in Myrtle Beach is excellent”

Mr. Withington, I’m glad you get great work done from the Veterans Administration. But you should talk to some of the vets in classes held there.

There are a lot of problems with the VA. I myself have had some, like trying to get an appointment for infections two months in a row and having to go to the emergency room because no one would call me back from the clinic.

Also, I am on a controlled medication and have to call Charleston each month to have it renewed. I am OK with that, but Charleston then sends the request to the doctor in Myrtle Beach to be signed so they can refill it. I have gotten in the habit of calling Charleston back the day before my medication runs out and end up having to go down to the Myrtle Beach clinic because the doctor did not sign the request. I’ve gone without the medicine for days and have also had to drive to Charleston to pick them up.

I repeat, I’m glad you get good service from the VA, but everyone does not. Call me a complainer if you wish, but this service is not good in my book.

The writer lives in Conway.