Letters to the Editor

Letter | Just how efficient is Horry County’s government?


Just how efficient is our government?

While I do not disagree on principle with the general premise stated in Tyler Servant’s recent opinion, I do not feel his position exhibits “leadership.”

I’m sure, like me, 99.9 percent of Horry county residents are opposed to higher taxes to fund bloated government.

Servant said, “If leaders don’t lead now, demanding government growth below that of the population and economy, we as a county, state, and country are going to need a Greek-style bailout of our own.”

It seems Servant strongly believes Horry County government is inefficient and poorly managed. That may very well be true, but I don’t know that and I don’t believe he knows either.

His statements are obviously great campaign talking points but do little to support his position.

As a citizen of Horry County, I certainly want adequate law enforcement, fire stations and first responders. It would greatly benefit us all if there were factual metrics presented to advance this debate.

How many law enforcement officers do we have as a percentage of our tax base or some other meaningful measure? How has this metric trended over the years?

Horry County has obviously had significant growth over the past 5 years, what are the crime rate statistics versus the number of police officers over this period?

How are our officers paid compared to other counties in the Southeast?

I respect Servant’s desire to manage costs; however, real leadership deals with reality.

Stan Lawrence

Murrells Inlet