Letters to the Editor

Letter | Before casting Myrtle Beach residents as ‘racist,’ come see what happens during Bikefest

Re: June 9 letter from Carolyn Morris, “‘Racist’ letter smears black tourists”

I could have so appreciated this letter about “Black Bikefest” until I saw that you live in Carolina Shores, N.C. You have no firsthand knowledge of what the citizens of the City of Myrtle Beach see and hear during the three main days of Bikefest.

Let me share with you my firsthand knowledge. First, the 30-year attendees of Bikefest have asked the young people attending the event to please behave and respect the citizens and the City of Myrtle Beach when they are here. There is 24-hour rocket blast motorcycle noise on our streets. The young people take over the roads like there are no cars on the road. And the fun game they play by completely surrounding your car when you are on the street.

I am embarrassed by the scantily dressed young women who sit behind the drivers of the rocket blast motorcycles. Is this something we want our children to see? I saw a large and loud party of these young people at the 38th Avenue shopping center between Hooters and Burky’s Grill at 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon of Bikefest. They take over empty areas for parties during the Bikefest with no regard of who owns the property.

They trash our city and urinate anywhere they please. I just shake my head wondering what their mamas and grandmas would say of their bad behavior. I attended the Memorial Day parade two years ago standing by the reviewing stand at 10th Street. There were absolutely no Bikefest young people in the crowd. I guess the Myrtle Beach area is just plain lucky that the Spring and Fall Harley-Davidson Rallies aren’t the Bandidos and the Cossacks.

You are invited to visit me next year to witness firsthand what happens in our city. These young people are welcomed as long as they respect the citizens and the City of Myrtle Beach and it doesn’t matter whether they are black or white. That’s all we ask.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.