Letters to the Editor

Letter | Fraternal Order of Police: Vote Stephens for Horry County Council

The Fraternal Order of Police Coastal Carolina Lodge 12 is excited to announce our endorsement of Christopher Stephens for the District 6 Horry County Council seat.

We believe, as Stephens believes, that one of the most important roles of government is to provide for the safety and protection of its citizens.

A few points:

- While the population of Horry County has continued to grow in recent years, the staffing levels of the police department have continued to decrease because vacancies go unfilled in an attempt to save money. This has a direct impact on public safety, as well as the safety of officers. No amount of money is worth putting the people of Horry County, or those who protect them, at greater risk of being a crime victim.

- Benefits and salary for Horry County police officers have generally been cut or left stagnant to such a degree that valued and experienced officers are leaving Horry County in large numbers, and quality applicants are no longer seeking employment with the county police department.

- The county must implement a millage that would specifically be used for law enforcement purposes. This would help provide the funding needed to adequately provide Horry County residents with the services and protection they deserve and expect.

We ask the voters of District 6 to vote for Christopher Stephens on June 16 so that he may work to help provide the safety and protection the Fraternal Order of Police Coastal Carolina Lodge 12 believes the citizens of Horry County are entitled to.